Song Licensing

Thank you for wanting to record a selection(s) of music owned by Laura Williams Music. We own the copyrights to all the original pieces and many of the arrangments sung by Laura Williams. Sheet Music is also available on the store page. More will be added soon.  

Songs copyrighted by Laura Williams Music:

  • All That I Need (Words & Music written by: Laura Williams and Ernie Hernandez)
  • Dear Lord (Words & Music written by: Jean Hendwerk and Mihaela Williams)
  • Prayer of Surrender (Words & Music written by: Rob Bernardo, Laura Williams and Mihaela Williams)

To request and receive a license to use our music for a recording, whether that is a mechanical license for a CD (compact disc) or a DPD (digital phonorecord delivery) license for digital download, please carefully read and follow the directions listed below.

This page is under construction. Thank you for your patience! 

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