Laura Williams — Singing for God’s Glory

A love for music came at a young age. Laura has loved singing for as long as she can remember. However, she has not always loved to sing in front of people. For awhile the thought of it was one of the most terrifying. She was forced to begin taking voice lessons around the age of 10 or 11 and the first thing she did upon arriving the first lesson was confidently let the teacher know that she would not be singing for her or anyone. Not long after that first confident speech Laura found herself at her first recital standing in front of a room of people and they were expecting her to sing! As the song began everyone leaned forward to hear but there was no sound. To Laura it seemed her voice box might come lose from how hard her voice was shaking, but no one else heard a sound. It was an experience she had no intention of repeating. Of course it wasn’t long before the experience was repeated with a few improvements. None that did anything to calm her nerves. Soon after, Laura joined a youth choir and began singing more and more. With time the nervousness began to lessen and singing became more fun.

In 2007, Laura began attending Fountainview Academy; a boarding school nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. Having a large choir and orchestra at the school, Laura had an opportunity to travel and sing with them and it was here that she saw the power that music has to move and touch peoples lives. It was then that she developed a love for singing for people and knew it was something she wanted to continue doing even after. There was still a lesson God wanted to teach her before that could happen and it’s one that she never will forget.

“Each year at Fountainview Academy we would go on a two week Christmas tour through California. We called it “the Cali tour”. This was my favorite part of the year. Just before the Cali tour my third year there I was given two solos. One right at the beginning of the concert. I was extremely excited and could hardly wait. The first concert finally arrived and I was sitting on the front row about ten minutes before the concert waiting to get started. I was excited, confident and ready to go.

Suddenly, just minuets till starting, my voice stopped working! My throat became scratchy and hoarse and I could hardly talk. I couldn’t understand what happened. The signal was given to begin and as I took my place my heart was racing and my face turned pale. I started praying real hard that God would help me and give me my voice back. I opened my mouth expecting the worst but just as I started to sing my voice suddenly returned completely cleared. I can’t explain the kind of relief I felt at that moment. After the concert people came and said, “I thought you said you lost your voice?.” I didn’t have an explanation for it. “Oh well, I thought, that won’t happen again.”

The second concert arrived and again I was sitting on the front row waiting. Exactly ten minutes before the concert my voice suddenly disappeared again. I felt the same panic and tried to tell people I couldn’t sing, but because I said that the night before, no body believed me and I found my self standing up front as the introduction played, praying very hard again. Just like before, my voice returned at just the last moment. This continued to happen every night for the rest of the two week long tour. After a little while I began to understand what was happening. I realized God was teaching me that I could not stand up front and sing without Him. I was learning complete dependence because each night I could not get up and sing without first praying that he would help me and give me a voice. This was something that drew me close to Him and taught me to rely on Him.

Later that year I lost my voice due to a cold and did not want to sing. My friends were quick to bring back this experience to my mind. “Remember what God taught you during the Christmas tour? What makes you think this time will be any deferent. He’s always helped you before.” So, again I prayed that God would be up there with me and sing for me. As far as I could tell as I was up there singing, my voice was harsh and scratchy and terrible. When I came down my friend walked up to me and said, “Your voice has never sounded so clear and strong as it did today.” I have never been able to forget these experiences and they’ve changed the way I sing. There were times in my rush that I did forget to ask God to be there with me. He never failed to remind me that I had forgotten. Either the sound system would crash or I would suddenly forget all the words to the song. To this day I wont get up front with out first making sure I wont be doing it alone.”

After graduating in 2011, Laura has begun a music ministry. She travels full time doing concerts and evangelistic meetings across the country. She currently has four albums that contain many of her favorites and includes a Christmas album. She plans to continue singing for as long as God opens doors.

— Laura Williams Music